Our Mission Statement

The Love Camp of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church  exist to demonstrate a true love for God and the true love of God, through Christ, to the saved and the unsaved in our church and in the world.

We intend to reach the lost at all cost. We intend to evangelize all communities until the coming of the Lord. For the work of the LORD never ends. We intend to make disciples, not inactive church members by building them up through preaching and teaching for the work of ministry.

By ministry we mean to equip believers by helping them discover their spiritual gifts, to be used inside and outside the church. We intend to develop ministries as needs arise to meet the needs of all that come to us for spiritual guidance. Those who need help in spiritual maturity, marriage, singleness, anger, unemployment, depression, chemical dependency or what ever the need is.

We want to be a church where people can find help, love, family and fellowship in a time of need. We intend to love every guest as a child loved of God whether saved or unsaved, for who know when we will win a soul.