The Love Camp: Happy New Year 2016!

Many people all over the world are in the process of making New Year's resolutions, of which many of them will never come to pass. For us as Bible believing Christmas this is an opportunity to look back over the past year to see if we were able to make all of the desired changes we set out to do.
  •  THe beginning of a New Year can be a season of new beginnings for us.
  • It's a time to llok ahead with a sense of aticipation and excitement towards the new things God wants to do in our lives.
  • It is a season of setting new goals and putting into effect those things you have been putting off doing.
  • It can be a day of new beginnings for each one of us.
In the Lord every day should be a day of new beginnings, but we can look to this season as a time to reflect and re- evaluate where we are and where we are going in God. Everyone should have aspirations to excel, but God must be first in all things. Accordingly we must live life that is
"purpose driven" to glorifying God at all times. My prayer is for the church family to continue to grow together in love and walk in the newness of life. A happy and Blessed New Year to all!