One Another

" Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galations 6:2

In today's world we are very private. We like to keep our business to ouselves and we are very comfortable without anyone interfering with our personal business. When someone does decide to attempt to get themselves involved in our business we call them nosey and tell them to mind their own business. I believe this privatizing of our world is not such a good thing. Some of us probably remember times when people sat on the front porch and talked to people as they walked by. Some of us probably remember a time when you knew most of your neighbors and what was going on in their lives. Today, very rarley do you see people welcomed into other's homes, or people sitting on their porch or the concept of being a neighbor. As the church we are a community of believers. We are referred to as the body of Christ or the family of God. We learn that if the church as a whole is going to thrive than we must work together to make her thrive. Sometimes it is like we are doing our own thing. we are all going in different directions, and sometimes we forget to take time out for one another. Not only have we become privatized as the church, but also the emphasis has shifted from others to ourselves. You hear it all the time. If the people are not getting something out of the church they are attending they will go somewhere else that gives them what they want. You hear people saying that the service " did not do anything for them".  Most of the time the people expect the church to be designed to make them feel good and provide entertainment for them, not providing anything else. They want to be waited on and served, they want a good show, but they don"t want to be the one's to exert any energy to provide anything for others. One of the foundational truths that we should be willing to put others above ourselves and that we are blessed by having a focus on serving one another above ourselves.